Feminism needs outrage. Outrage is a natural response to oppression. It is outrageous that we are not equal, that racial and gender discrimination affect all of us every day. We should be angry at the ridiculous magazine covers we’re expected to compare ourselves to, we should be critical of the fact that “The Daily Show” only has a few women correspondents who rarely see air time—and that they are, like the off-air staff, predominantly white, something that has not been mentioned much–we should be livid that our reproductive rights are constantly under siege, we should be irate about transphobia, we should be pissed about bad wars, short-sighted environmental policies and a surreal food distribution system, and we should be furious that there have only been 38 women in the Senate ever. Feminism is about liberation, and it is completely liberating to be able to point to something and say, “This is fucked up. And I am going to do something about it.”

We all have our different points of entry into feminism. Some of us get it from our mothers. Some of us get it in school. Some get it from books. Some get it from reading blogs. And once we get it, we are, rightly, outraged. Being outraged is not the “exact opposite of progressive thought and rational discourse.” Outrage is what fuels a demand for justice. It is what underscores our thoughts and discourse and helps guide our actions. We express our outrage in blogs, and on Twitter, and at marches and at conferences and in a hundred different ways. I’m thrilled to be living in Outrage World. All ages welcome.

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worrrrd. I <3 Mikki. Also, because she and I both come from punk rock even if they are different entry points there as well, I am just as pro being pissed off as she is.

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I couldn’t agree more and, in my particular case, I shall add some race related outrage because being constantly singled out by institutionalized racism as an “other” makes me stabby.

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