Feminist XYZ

Blah blah blah noise. Blah blah more noise, followed by some farting, blah blah *reputation* blah blah Femmmmmminnnnnism we represent and ha ha ha you do not! WE DO. Blah blah blah. *GASP* CAREER.

Y’all, I am depressed. I can’t with that shit. Which is why I haven’t said anything about it.

I thought if I pressed my fingers into my ears and made some noises, it’d go away, I could pretend it was not happening, nah nah nah. But then I get “NO YOU ARE THE BULLY! YOU YOU YOU”. And you know, no matter how much I play pretend it is not happening, I just can’t.

So, I’ll say this: in spite of everything I’ve written publicly about this person’s racism, misogyny and fauxminism, I never, not even once, resorted to back channel tactics to silence him. Never, not even once, did I write to my personal contacts to request that he is scolded publicly or removed from the places where he writes. I offered all my critique in the open and I shared it with everyone who felt like reading it. If anything, I have been transparent. Which is a lot more than what can be said about this subject who did send back channel requests to have me removed from places and to have me silenced. And this is not mere speculation. This is fact.

So, who’s bullying who here?

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