Few of us truly love PowerPoint, the extremely-accessible and infamously-bland presentation software published by Microsoft. But then again, few of us dislike the program enough to start a political party dedicated to a PowerPoint ban and freeing the world from its insidious grip. That’s right, folks – earlier this week, a band of Swiss citizens gathered under the banner of the Anti-Power Point Party, or APPP, in hopes of “decreasing the number of boring presentations worldwide.”

PowerPoint ban: Swiss political party wants to outlaw the software

Also from the link:

“I have an operating principle that always helps me: I don’t want to be right, I only want the best result,” APPP founder Matthias Poehm writes in a (mostly grammatically correct) statement. “Over 14 years of public speaking training I have noticed that the use of Flip-chart beats PowerPoint in 95 of 100 cases. This is not wishful thinking on my part but proven experience.” So: PowerPoint out, flip chart in.

Keep in mind that Switzerland works under a more direct democracy principle than most European countries. So, if the guy can gather 100,000 signatures, the issue will go to referendum and indeed, PowerPoint could be banned.

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