Five Facebook pages for people who hate Facebook

Because we must be hardwired for redundancy, there are several Facebook pages for people who hate Facebook. Here, a list of five:

I Hate Facebook. 7,787 People Like This. Sample message: “I hate facebook apps. Stop spamming the news feed.”

MySpace. 169,665 PLT. Sample message: “might be a dumb question but just wondering why myspace is on facebook?

Wasting Time on Facebook. 3,406 PLT. Sample message: "ATTENTION! Your Attention Please! May I have your attention?…Thank you! You may now go back to wasting time on Facebook.”

I Don’t Read. 59,265 PLT. Sample message (channeling Henny Youngman): “When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.”

Go Outside and Do Something. 25,987 PLT. Sample message: The group asked its members what they were going to do outside over the weekend. One Facebook user replied: “mall bonding with my friends.”

I wonder if there are Tumblrs for people who hate Tumblr.

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