From grizzly bear moms to Harpies Twats

As a side project to Conservatives4Palin, Joseph Russo (ED: Palin’s business associate and campaign organizer) in 2009 contributed to a separate pro-Palin blog called Fist of the North Star.[…]The Fist of the North Star blog once featured a staggeringly obscene mock news item about one of Palin’s Alaska nemeses, the activist Andree McLeod, who had filed a series of ethics complaints against the then governor: “On Friday, an international team of doctors successfully removed the world’s largest parasite from her desperately overstretched colon. One must wonder what kind of freaky shit this ghetto bitch was ingesting… You never know what else that Harpies Twat is carrying!”

Sarah Palin the Sound and the Fury | Politics | Vanity Fair

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