Fucked up beyond words

Three weeks ago my mother in law was told she had a few months to live because of terminal pancreatic cancer. Her life has been hell ever since. Ours have been difficult beyond words. She started making arrangements and thinking of her will, her (limited) plans for the very near future and prepared herself for what was to be a very painful and quite possibly deadly treatment. Actually, we all did in the family.

A new oncologist looked at the scans and did not like what he saw. He ordered not one but three new ones, including a new biopsy and several blood tests. Turns out they were wrong about the initial diagnosis. And to make matters even worse, she had an internal bleeding for which she was not treated all these weeks because they misread the original scan(s) as “terminal cancer”. All the results were finally confirmed yesterday and except from the extreme oversight of not treating her for what could have killed her (the internal bleeding), the entire chain of treatment at the hospital was wrong in their diagnosis.

I don’t think there is a way to describe the simultaneous relief and the fury and outrage we are experiencing right now.

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