Yeah, I hate those damn east coast liberal elites! For me to do what I’m supposed to do, I need it wrapped in the flag! We need more faux patriotism from the real Americans. The right wing isn’t pretentious like the liberal elite! And there’s nothing worse than being pretentious!

What does this commenter think patriotism is if not “thinking you’re better than people”? And don’t talk about the environment! You might isolate stupid people!

I don’t think I would want to read a right wing food blog. I mean, wouldn’t they demand to see the birth certificates of Hawaiian food? They probably wouldn’t go near Middle Eastern food! Or would they deport Mexican food and complain about anchor nachos?

So far, the best response I’ve seen to the “you must eat local” mantra has been this comment:

While I appreciate the goal of local areas becoming more self-sufficient with regards to food production, and the reduction of emissions due to moving food around unnecessarily, the sudden surge of the local food movement is a little short sighted. The most hilarious part about it is that, with demand for local food suddenly surging far beyond capacity to provide said food, to up production local farmers are now increasingly hiring cheap migrant labour so that upper middle class people can feel good about going to a farmer’s market to buy local food from a family farm. I’m not sure moving around some of the most unprotected peripheral workers instead of moving around food is much of an improvement.

This is something I wish was properly analyzed. Sure, eating local is good, but what’s the price to pay for it, and worse, who’s paying that price? I wish this was part of the conversations as well.

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