Gawker’s true transphobic colors

I like how Denton goes around doing the self promotion dance always emphasizing what a good liberal guy he is, etc. And how frequently, Gawker and all its sites systematically make fun of tabloids like The Daily Mail. But then, of course, Gawker shows us what they are truly made of in this story: Two Arizona Wal-Mart Workers Rob Store, Plan Sex-Change Getaway

First we are regaled with abundant misgendering (we are constantly reminded that the person in question is a she, A SHE, A WOMAN, DAMNIT!, even though in the mugshots we see to male presenting people). And then, of course, the cherry on the cake:

Reinhardt said that “all but 31 cents” of the stolen money had been recovered. It’s not much, but it could probably buy a decently sized tube sock for pant-stuffing.

Har har har! So funny! An angle no one ever thought of before! Such a novel joke!

You know, the story is sadness all around, what with a kid who would be willing to commit a crime and consequently risk spending considerable time in jail to actually be able to transition. Yet, Gawker prefers The Daily Mail approach with cheap shots and alienation.

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