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Angela Merkel: German multiculturalism has ‘utterly failed’ | World news |

Angela Merkel has jumped into the anti immigrant bandwagon. It was to be expected, I suppose, although not any less disappointing. Considering many of these immigrants cannot vote, politicians are picking on them as a treasure trove of “voter reassurance and pampering”. Who cares about alienating people who cannot get you elected anyway?

And then, within the article, this alarming fact:

It also found 55% of Germans believed that Arabs are “unpleasant people”, compared with the 44% who held the opinion seven years ago.

That is to say, the majority of Germans. And since “the public” is so quick to jump to conclusions and stereotypes, what could possibly prevent me from Godwining myself and asking for the whereabouts of the big, Aryan elephant in the room? It seems antisemitism is alive and well in Germany (as it is in The Netherlands, for that matter), only that, this time, they have replaced Judaism with Islam. And finally, they are unashamed to admit it in public again.

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