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Foucault giving the finger in an animated gif: relevant to my Monday interests.

Also: whoever made a gif of Foucault giving the finger is a winner.

Also 2: incidentally, this gif is part of a debate that took place in the 80’s in Dutch television. They sat Foucault and Noam Chomsky to talk about “the state of the world” and they filmed it and broadcasted it on national TV. I want to think that the mindset that made such a meeting and TV show possible is still alive in this country and it will prevail. Because really, I want to live in a place where this is considered prime time programing.

Also 3: (don’t judge, ideas are flowing…) the debate was bizarre in that Chomsky spoke English, then Foucault would answer to whatever Chomsky was saying in French, to which Chomsky would respond in English, etc. It was clear that both could perfectly understand the other but responded in their native languages. I can very much understand the sentiment. Whenever I have to elaborate complex ideas in Dutch it becomes so painfully slow that I usually give up and instead present a much more washed up version of what I wanted to say. That’s not very conductive of nuanced discourse.

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