Her karma ran over his dogma?

A former employee of Omaha’s largest homebuilder has filed a lawsuit alleging that the company’s chief executive officer forced a religious agenda on workers and fired her because her unborn child carried “negative energy.”


In April 2009, about one month after Harms told her boss she was pregnant, the lawsuit alleges that the following incidents occurred:

• Harms was called into a meeting led by Smith and other company managers. They told Harms that she had a troubling “disconnect” with her fetus.

• Harms was asked to take part in a conference call with an Arizona-based psychic to determine “whether or not negative energy was being created with the pregnant plaintiff because she had a male boss versus a female boss.”

• Smith consulted with a chiropractor and “self-described energy worker” who told Smith he shared a former life with Harms’ unborn child and suggested that he “partner” with the baby. Smith declined, saying the baby’s energy was hostile toward him.

‘Negative energy’ cited in lawsuit – Omaha.com

(No, it’s not from The Onion, it’s from a real lawsuit, involving real people).

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