Herman van Campenhout, CEO of Telegraaf Media Groep, is leading nothing but an immoral and racist corporation that puts the lives of Black people and all minorities in this country in danger. The unethical standards employed by De Telegraaf Media Groep’s properties in order to “invent” news endanger people’s lives, disturb them in their homes and uses children to further push vile ideologies. This media company is not reporting news. They are making up situations that they later on pass as “news” in spite of the fact that the people involved did not wish to lend themselves to their blatant invasion of privacy.

This media corporation shows an utter contempt for the safety and well being of Black people and minorities in The Netherlands, going as far as filming children in a sad, racist spectacle, effectively profiting from the exploitation of Black people for corporate gains. No matter whose lives are stake or who gets to pay the price for it, all that matters for this corporation is that they increase their profits and incite their audience. News? The only news in this performance is that they have no care or interest in anyone’s humanity, after all, the CEO needs to justify his bonuses.

Dutch media business model: racist harassment of Black people for profit | Space Invaders

My latest at Space Invaders on the way media corporations in The Netherlands incite racism and violence against People of Color to increase their profits.

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