Heterosexual Pride March (I wish I was making this up)

Hungary: Heterosexual Pride March

While a group of activists and representatives of Roma organizations was rallying [HUN] in front of the French Embassy in Budapest on Saturday, another group gathered at Heroes’ Square to hold the first ‘Day of Heterosexual Pride.’

From their Mission statement (emphasis mine)

[…] The goal of the civil initiative organized by Csaba Koletár was not to allow the use of public places for gay marches, and not to allow the limitation of the right of assembly and free speech for normal people. […]

Some of us also had a lap of honour there because we felt it a duty bound to be there, and say no to a thing which totally contradicts normal people’s value system. The problem is not if someone has a different sexual behavior, but if he provokes in public, hurts common moral standards and common sense of taste. If homosexuals did not express themselves this offensively to the majority society, and did not promote how trendy the thing they do is, then probably no-one would care about it. In turn, this whole thing is pouring on us as a disgusting ‘advertisement’ campaign from every source of the media, and we will not ignore it, neither now, nor in the future. […]

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