Hey, have you heard of Pearl Cleage. I’m reading “Deals with the Devil and other reasons to riot.” and she explicitly writes about intersectionality of racism and sexism. Her writings are clear and great for a layperson (such as myself). FYI, she has some great quotes and advice if you’re trying to tackle intersectional-ism stuff, imho.

My post was not because I am particularly looking into the subject but because the most mainstream feminist blog (and Feministe is one of them), would post about the topic without even mentioning that the entire framework was borne out of a need to contextualize race, racism, gender and a whole set of other issues that affect WoC in particularly insidious ways.

That the person who posted the open question dismissed the work of Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, Patricia Hill Collins or even bell hooks in creating and expanding the concept to begin with was, to me, quite offensive. And she did so in the context of a debate at the Randi Foundation!! The bastion of homogenizing, non intersectional, dismissing of PoC and First Nations experiences and spiritualities! I mean, if there is one environment that you know will not be best equipped to deal with racial and or ethnic intersectionality, it is the Randi Foundation. 

To me, it was just too much ignorance packed into a single post.

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