Hugo Schwyzer in DUI, victim severely injured, had to be airlifted.

This entry was posted on his blog but has now been deleted. It is still accessible through google’s cache (though I don’t know for how much longer which is why I made a screen capture). Original was here. I have made a screen capture including the URL in my own browser so that anyone who wishes to replicate the result can do so (at least before Google deletes the cache which I believe happens every couple of days or so).

In the interest of record keeping and so that anyone who accesses this through text reading tools can peruse the whole entry, I am quoting it in its totality:


Picking up a felony DUI

Posted on September 30, 2013

On Friday, while driving with my mother to the family ranch, I caused an accident under the influence of 6 milligrams of Klonopin just outside of San Juan Bautista. My mother and I are well, but I seriously injured a young woman driver. She was airlifted from the scene and will make, I’m so happy to say a full recovery.

I confessed my drugged state to the Highway Patrol and was arrested. I have been charged with felony DUI, which carries severe penalties. I am at this time reluctant to allow a lawyer to plea bargain anything down. When a a man drives under the influence and hurts someone, he should pay the penalty.

My court date is November 5.

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Yet, another woman almost died in this man’s hands. We don’t even know her current state, if she made it/ is going to make it or if she is going to have long term consequences for this accident. Due to previous history, I remain skeptical of his statement that “she is going to make it”. More importantly, “making it” and enduring long term consequences are very different things.

When I hold media accountable for enabling this man, I am called “a bully” and told I should leave things be. “People have the right to reform themselves”, I often hear. Feminist women in charge of major publications, like xoJane UK’s editor Rebecca Holman were giving this man major mainstream platforms a couple of days ago to talk about “his feminism”. Those of us who resist and warn of the inherent dangers are relegated to the status of “trouble makers”. We are “the mean Women of Color” he cautioned about.

Now, yet again, by his own admission, he has almost murdered another woman. I can hardly contain my rage. I also have no further commentary. I have said all there is to say about men like him. Women are on harm’s way. What else needs to happen until people listen?

ETA: This “Bail Form” has apparently been circulating on Twitter. I don’t know its provenance (it was emailed to me by someone who managed to save it before it was deleted) or if it is authentic. As I said above, I keep records of this stuff so take it in the interest of that spirit. If someone in the US can confirm its authenticity, leave a comment here and I’ll update accordingly.

ETA 2: September 30 (7:30 PM Amsterdam time) Amadi contacted the San Benito County jail who confirmed the arrest.

ETA 3: October 2nd. A journalist from the Pasadena Star News wrote about this incident and confirmed the DUI charges and arrest.

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