“I am pathetic” moment of the day

A couple of hours ago electricity went off in my building. Since no electricity = no computers, I decided to go to the gym. My true genius was revealed when I walked with my bike to the elevator only to realize that no electricity = no elevator. Not one to be deterred by such mundane revelation, I decide to go through the stairs with my bike. Four floors. I painstakingly make it, after hitting myself in the knees on multiple occasions with the pedals, dangerously dropping the bike on one of the sets of stairs, etc. Finally I am at ground floor! And then the elevator comes down with my next door kids who look at me puzzled and ask why I am sweaty and carrying my bike.

So, upon realizing that the electricity is back, what do I do? Why lock my bike to a pillar downstairs and go back home, of course. I guess carrying all that weight through four floors counts as my daily strength training.

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