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<![CDATA[// ]]>beauty-embrace, the Tumblr that posted the “Real Men” graphic (for which she apologized, by the way). Look, I understand what you are trying to do, but you are also posting photos of models, together with their size, height, weight and number of plastic surgeries (if they had any). That means you are not with me. That pretty much means we are at different camps because quite honestly, I couldn’t care less about people’s weight or stats. To me, those facts mean absolutely nothing. They do not speak of beauty standards I believe in or I consider worthy of promoting. Moreover, they only serve to further scrutinize other people’s bodies which is precisely the opposite of my belief system.

So sorry, but no, you are not with me. You are working (however unintentionally) to continue perpetuating the premise that we have a right to give opinions about other people’s appearance. And that, be it about appearance, sexuality, choices, food preferences, etc, etc, is pretty much at odds with everything I stand for.

And this is my last post of the year. Coincidentally, also my post number 1000. Now, I am on my way out to celebrate the advent of what I hope, will be a great 2011. One when I wish that at least we free ourselves from the notion that we have the right to opine about other people’s bodies. That would be a good start.

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