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This is not about criticizing Islam. This is about “changing” a religion, which is the intention of the Reform Islam Tumblr.

Let me put it this way: I am not Christian. I was brought up as one but quickly I disengaged from a religion that not only did not represent my beliefs but actively worked towards oppressing people. In all honesty, I have nothing but contempt for a good portion of the Catholic Church’s hierarchy (namely the Pope and the people who are in the Vatican). However, how do you think Catholics would react if I suddenly started a crusade to reform Catholicism? A religion I do not even believe in, whose dogmas and matter of faith mean nothing to me. Do you think it would go down well with people who do believe in them? Moreover, do you think that, by the mere fact that I do not believe in these dogmas I would have the moral authority to tell people in which way they should reform their religion?

Just like I jump at the throat of religious folks who feel entitled to tell me (and the whole of society) how we should live our lives, it would be hypocritical to claim that I would have the theological and moral authority to tell them how they should change their religion.

Social criticism of a religion (i.e. like when religious people try to influence legislation and the justice systems) is one thing, because we have the right to live free from such influence due to democracy being inherently secular and representative of all voices and minorities. However, the kind of faith people practice in their temples, churches or mosques is none of my business.

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