I don’t owe you ANYTHING. I don’t owe you dialogue, I don’t owe you evidence, I don’t owe you a place at my table. You are admitting yourself that you contacted Sady Doyle to ask if MY FUCKING PIECE REFLECTED *HER* VIEWS and you don’t see how that in and by itself is sketchy?

Who the fuck do you think you are? you are a racist, white, cisgender american male full of privilege with a history of trying to discipline women of color. You consistently lie (the latest lie is the “promise” you made to stay away from feminist spaces and yet, here you are, polluting this space with your presence).

You “groom” women with typical abuser strategies to act as your shield between the “mean feminists” and your entitlement.

I am going to repeat myself but since it is obvious you have selective reading capabilities, it might prove necessary: YOU, YOURSELF, ARE ADMITTING THAT YOU CONTACTED THE FOUNDER OF THE BLOG I WRITE FOR TO FIDDLE WITH OUR EDITORIAL CONTENT. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

I have words for Hugo Schwyzer’s demand that I explain myself about his attempts to silence me. (Scroll to the comments section to see it and here for the prior one).

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