I know a lot of what your talking about is European eccentric but the oppression of minorities is not just white problem. The fight for rights in Japan is a topic close to my heart and when we label the oppressor as “white” I feel we devalue the struggle of people who are oppressed by non-white individuals. What do you think?




A lot of “bad things” happen in the world, I get that. However, many of them (I’d contend all, but I try to avoid generalizations as much as possible since all it takes is one single example to prove them wrong) are the result of white supremacist, capitalist, patriarchal colonialism. Other bad things that are not the result of this white supremacist colonialism might happen but I’d be hard pressed to find one, especially given the last six or seven hundred years of history. So, your request (I don’t know how to call it) to not name the oppressor as “white” would erase the realities created by this colonial history. I am going to take a wild guess that you are white and you think this naming personally implicates you? If that’s the case, sorry, but I write about this and use the naming that fits. 

While I do not hold every white individual personally responsible, I am mostly interested in systemic issues and those systems have a name and a history. If I cannot name them my work is useless. 

this is the stupidest thing i have ever read

tamil genocide in sri lanka is not the result of white colonialism and patriarchy

antiblack racism in desi or arab communities is not the result of white colonialism

the caste system in india? oppression of dalits and adivadis? strife between hindus and muslims?? NOT DUE TO WHITE COLONIALISM

despicat treatment of south asian workers in the UAE? not white colonialism

japanese imperalism? yeah, not due to white colonialism or patriarchy or whatever

can we be done with this bullshit ” white vs poc” binary please that’s not how the world works

If that works for you, good for you. And I won’t do the research on your behalf on how colonialism exacerbated all those issues by playing minorities against each other. Now, calling me “stupid” because you do not agree with me, that’s really going to change my mind.

Now bye. I wish Tumblr had a better blocking function so that I don’t have to see confrontational reblogs.

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