I understood she is convinced that she [Ed: Anne Sinclair] and her husband [Ed: Dominique Strauss-Kahn] belong to a class of masters of the world. She made the statement I reported in my book: “There is no harm in getting sucked off by a maid.” For her, the world is divided between master and servant.

Anne Sinclair : DSK était son “caniche” selon Marcela Iacub – L’Internaute Actualite

(Translation from French mine because I haven’t seen this covered in English even though I googled extensively trying to find an already translated quote)

This is not new but since I have already covered so many pages on Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I believe it is important to add further context, especially the kind that illustrates the type of culture he is part of. The quote above is from an interview with Marcela Iacub, a former lover of DSK who wrote a book about the affair (awful book, I might add, where there is so much vile I wouldn’t even know where to begin to unpack it).

Anne Sinclair, the woman who so nonchalantly mentioned “there is no harm in getting sucked off by a maid” is DSK’s ex wife, to whom he was married when he was accused of raping Nafissatou Diallo, an immigrant maid from Guinea at the Sofitel New York. Sinclair is no ordinary rape enabling wife, though. She is currently the head of the French edition of the Huffington Post.

So, when media shows a clearly racist and/ or classist bias, we shouldn’t wonder how it is possible for this bias to exist. We should go back to this quote and remind ourselves of the kind of people who run our media. I know better than to expect fairness when Sinclair claims “there is no harm” in a vulnerable working class Black woman “sucking off” her abusive ex husband.

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