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Today I am changing the name of this blog. Today I turn into Purple Light Politics for LGBTQ awareness and support day.

It is no surprise to anyone who reads my posts regularly that LGBTQ rights are a strong, permanent presence in my life and one of the main reasons for this blog.

So today, I will spend the day thinking of my friend Alejandro. My brilliant friend who jumped under a train. Who spent the next few remaining hours of his life in unspeakable pain until he passed away. In his ordeal I will hold the pain and grief of everyone who has to endure the kind of homophobia, hatred, ignorance and discrimination that he had to endure. The kind that becomes so burdensome that only a moving train can take it away.

For every Alejandro, today and every fucking day, I am purple. Only today, I will speak it loud in case the bigots are not paying attention.

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