I’m at your School of Applied Sciences, lecturing innocent students

Heh, chuckling to myself as I finish my lecture for tomorrow. I’ll be talking to a group of 50+ students at The Hague’s High School of Applied Sciences on Europe’s immigration policies. You know, introducing innocent (mostly White) youngsters to the wonders of Eurocentrism…

While the European Union project started in the late 40‘s/ early 50s as a post World War II antidote to the kind of nationalism that leads to intra European wars, Europe’s history, however, did not start then. Europe, as a philosophical ideal, started much earlier, with the history of colonialism, imperalism and expansionist projects that led the continent countries’ to travel half the world away to establish enclaves and colonies. One cannot think of Europe, one cannot begin to understand Europe and its policies, without taking the former Empires’ subjects into account. 

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