Influence by opposition, perhaps?

In today’s “head scratching” news, Christine O’Donnell Says Influences are God, Gloria Steinem

Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has said some strange things in her public life. She admitted to dabbling in witchcraft and then recanted that statement with one of the most bizarre political ads of the season. She’s become late night comedy cold with her seemingly never-ending store of anti-masturbation quotes from her days as a purity pundit. She’s even suggested women serving in the military are a threat to national security.

It’s that last one that makes her latest “she really said that?” moment perhaps the strangest one yet. During a recent interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, O’Donnell listed both God and feminist leader Gloria Steinem as sources of inspiration when times get tough on the campaign trail.

I guess I could also say that Geert Wilders is my influence, as in, I look at him and strive to be his exact opposite.

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