“Intersectionality” is another new bit of equality jargon that the stiff suits in the conservative commentariat loudly claim not to understand – despite or perhaps because of the fact that schoolchildren have been using it on the internet for years.

Louise Mensch, take a lesson on privilege from the internet | Laurie Penny | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

I don’t disagree with this article per se but I do take issue with the whitewashing and erasure of the Women of Color who have, for years, worked tirelessly to expand on sociopolitical theory developing intersectionality. While this article does not add anything to the collective pool of knowledge already created, disseminated and shared by WoC and allies, the piece itself glosses over who created this knowledge and for what purpose.

Also, I do take issue with the “schoolchildren have been using it on the internet for years”. Either one of two things happens when you lend credibility to this: 1) WoC do not exist in this equation or 2) WoC are schoolchildren. Either way… no.

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