Introducing a Red Light Series: Feminist Flavors

I was thinking yesterday about the Jezebel post on what defines a feminist, my subsequent comment regarding the basic tenet of being pro choice as a sine qua non to define feminism and that inspired me to create the “Feminist Flavors Series”.

A few thoughts on what this series is about:

  • a non comprehensive list of the different kinds of feminism identifiers and their definitions, with a list (as extensive or as short as I can find) of related reading sources
  • a subjective (because it is permeated by my own subjectivity) analysis of the different kinds of feminist ideologies found in contemporary feminist discourse
  • a non definitive resource only intended to further discussions and/ or assist someone who is attempting to find their voice within feminism and related forms of political expression

Now, what this series is not (and does not intend to be):

  • an ultimate guide to. Because really, I neither have the academic credentials nor do I have the knowledge to write an encyclopedic tome on feminism
  • a totally unbiased analysis (I will do my best to be as unbiased as possible, however, I write from my own experiences and my own ideological stances so it is possible, even likely, that said ideologies will permeate the series).
  • a history of feminism. I am more interested in our contemporary feminist voices (bloggers, performers, writers, activists) than I am in chronicling the historical events within each feminist current. I do believe that history is fundamental to understand how we got where we are, however, I neither have the resources (access to research, libraries, interviews, etc.) nor do I have the time to undertake something that could possibly take months (or longer) to document. Instead, I prefer on a “what’s here now” approach.
  • a replacement for Wikipedia. I noticed that Wikipedia does not list all the variants that I intend to include, nor does it cite blogs or zine writers that are devoted to these variants. In that regard, I intend it to be more inclusive in so far as I wish to add informal sources as well and people who are working on their respective ideological stances by publishing first hand accounts or their personal experiences.

So, starting tomorrow, a regular series on Feminist Flavors.

A list of the different Feminisms I will be writing about can be found here. Let me know if I forgot any, if I left anything out or if there are any must read resources I should include.

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