It probably comes as a surprise to no one that I seem to live in a pop culture vacuum. So, two days ago, I saw the movie The Cell with Jennifer Lopez for the first time. I hardly remember anything of substance about the whole debacle. All I know is that it was a sort of nightmare scenario where she visited the mind of a serial killer. Gruesome imagery was prominently depicted. Mutilated bodies, rape, excessive blood, etc. I can hardly describe any of it. I know it happened but I have no graphic recollection. However, the last scene will haunt my dreams for years to come. In this last scene she goes to say goodbye to that actor who now plays in frat boy comedies with one of the Wilson brothers and I think Ben Stiller. I don’t remember his name anyway. But this scene has been in my mind for the past 48 hours because Jennifer Lopez was wearing a pastel blue crocheted poncho.

Good grief, who was in charge of the costumes design?!

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