I’ve been validated!

Also, I do not really want to die.

I know this blog is turning into “Flavia’s health problems” daily posts but I have to update since I have had an important development: I spent the whole day at various hospitals and medical centers and it has been confirmed that I need to be operated. To that end, I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow morning. Which means I will have to cut short my weekly volunteer gig at the municipality but I guess it is worth it. I must confess I have been living in constant panic for the past few weeks as it was at my current age that my father was initially diagnosed with the cancer that took his life.

At least I have had numerous studies done through the emergency service and they know exactly what I have (a ruined gallbladder) and that it needs to be removed in the short term. Looks like tomorrow morning I will know how short that term is.

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