July 17th European Union Undocumented Death Calendar

(Check here for background information about this commemoration of people who died as a result of Fortress Europe’s policies against undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers).

Fortress Europe recorded deaths for July 17th:

  • 17/07/95 1 Abdullah A. (man) from Afghanistan, found strangled in refugee centre Trausnitzstr. in München (Germany), reportedly suicide
  • 17/07/00 1 Mahalil Silva from Sri Lanka died, kept on Lanarca airport (Cyprus) for 11 days while being denied proper medical care
  • 17/07/07 12 N.N. bodies Africa (exact countries of birth unknown) drowned, 1 found, 11 missing trying to embark on Italian fishing boat near Libya
  • 17/07/07 1 N.N. (man) from Sub-Saharan Africa (exact country of birth unknown) body found in a boat sailing for 10 days from Mauritania to Tenerife (Spain)

Total: 15 deaths on July 17th since 1995. Source.

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