July 18th European Union Undocumented Death Calendar

(Check here for background information about this commemoration of people who died as a result of Fortress Europe’s policies against undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers).

Fortress Europe recorded deaths for July 18th:

  • 18/07/94 1 Mohamed F. B. (14, boy) from Morocco drowned, after falling into the water while climbing a ship to Spain on the Transmed.-Line
  • 18/07/00 1 N.N. (young woman) unknown country of origin, drowned, body found floating in state of decomposition off the coast of Barbate (Spain)
  • 18/07/03 25 N.N. bodies unknown nationalities, drowned, after two shipwrecks occured near Sur de Aiun (Morocco)
  • 18/07/06 1 Adams John (7 months, child) unknown nationality, reportedly died heart failure caused by hypothermia, after arriving Fuerteventura (Spain)
  • 18/07/07 16 N.N. bodies, unknown nationalities, drowned, 4 died, 12 missing when boat sank 40 miles south of Lampedusa (Italy)
  • 18/07/08 1 N.N. (man) Africa (unknown nationality) manner of death unknown, decomposed body recovered from the sea off Malta.

Total 45 deaths on July 18th since 1994. Source.

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