Lacoste asks Norway police to ban Anders Behring Breivik wearing their clothes

via  Telegraph:

The 32-year-old gunman who killed 77 people on July 22 even wrote in his online manifesto that “refined people like him should wear brands like Lacoste”.

But his choice of clothes has been described as a “nightmare” for the French company’s exclusive image.

Norwegian daily Dagbladet said bosses had now written to Oslo police demanding 32-year-old Breivik be stopped from wearing their garments.

An Oslo police spokesman told the paper: “The company feels that such a man sporting their clothes could do considerable harm to their reputation.”

I ugly laughed at this because just a few weeks ago, Greenpeace released their annual report on toxic water pollution in China, specifically, how clothing manufacturers, Lacoste’s main supplier and producer of their garments being one of them, are releasing hazardous chemicals in the water. These chemicals are highly contaminant and contain hormone disrupting properties affecting local populations and factory workers alike.

Of course Lacoste is horrified that such a notable symptom of dehumanization, embodied by Breivik would be associated with their brand, hurting their reputation. By the looks of it, they are more keen on less visible, more low key forms of destruction.

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