Lean In… on Facebook’s prepubescent child pornography

The heat from Sheryl Sandberg’s “feminist” book hasn’t cooled off yet and now we get to experience the praxis part of this “feminism”. Today, in a mailing list of Latin@ feminists I came across a link to a Facebook page with requests to report it for deletion. I checked the page and it was covered in what appeared to be prepubescent porn featuring girls. The page owner claimed he is attracted to 13 to 16 year olds. From one of his posts: 

las mujeres con 13 años son mujeres completas y con 16 están en todo su pleno esplendor

(Translation: 13 year olds are complete women and by the age of 16 they are in full splendor)

Now, this is not a page that leaves any room for ambiguity. The page does not feature flirting or merely sexualized teen (which would be bad enough). This is fully pornographic with visible breasts and/ or genitalia of girls that look extremely young (take into account the “preferences” expressed by the owner of the page that I translated above). For the past three or four days, numerous Spanish speaking women have been reporting the page to Facebook without any response or action from them. Today, I asked on Twitter that people report it as well. At least a dozen people on my timeline have done so (if not more). So far, Facebook has taken absolutely no action.

Here’s another perverse aspect of Facebook’s lack of action: in order to raise awareness to the existence of this page, I would have to link to it, further participating in the potential exploitation of what looks like underage girls. I did so earlier on Twitter hoping that the collective outrage would lead to Facebook taking action. I thought, erroneously, that sharing the link was justified as the page would be removed shortly. 

Hours have passed and the page is still there. After we spent weeks debating and dissecting Sheryl Sandberg’s version of “feminism” and “gender equality”, the company that made her one of the wealthiest women in North America refuses to take action on what appears to be teen pornography.

Gender equality and corporate profits for some, debasing under age porn for others… THAT is the kind of feminism we should be reminded of.

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