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Hormone research suggests rich live longer

A hormone which is more plentiful in wealthier people has been linked to longer life.

DHEAS – or dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate – is produced by the brain, adrenal glands and sexual organs and is a guide to life expectancy.

Researchers from University College London, working on the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, found evidence that biological ageing is slower among people with better socio-economic circumstances.

It found that the wealthier people were, the higher their levels of DHEAS.

The discovery raises the possibility that the hormone could be artificially produced and used to make people live longer.

The scientists also found that those with higher levels of it tended to do greater amounts of exercise, lead a more active life with lots of pastimes, and have more friends and family.

And do tell, once this magical, artificially created version of the hormone finally hits the market, who will be able to afford it and live even longer?

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