Christian Louboutin puts out a line an ad campaign that acknowledges that “nude” isn’t another word for “light beige.”  I don’t like nude shoes, I prefer statement footwear, but it’s good to see big names acknowledging that we come in a beautiful range of colors.  And then arranging us in terrifying circles.

While I cannot afford his shoes at all, I like this campaign idea. Because I cannot express how much I TIRE of “nude” and “flesh toned” and “neutral” marketing. Just the other day at a department store the White bra saleswoman asked me do I want a “nude” bra. For what ma’am? When I said “it doesn’t match my skin” she stood there stunned. As if she never considered this before.

To what Trudy said above, I wanted to add these news from yesterday: Louboutin wins fight to pull shoes from anti-sharia advert in Belgium. From the link:

Designer Christian Louboutin won a legal battle Monday to stop a Belgian campaign featuring his signature red-soled shoes. The campaign, by the far-right group “Women against Islamisation”, criticised the conservative values of sharia law.

The designer has said that he doesn’t want his brand or designs to be associated with racism. I don’t wear his shoes because they are above my budget but I do have to tip my hat for his stance.  Going to court costs money (legal fees, lawyers, potentially bad press, etc), it’s nice to see him do the right thing.

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