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redlightpolitics replied to your post: Oh, look.

I don’t know how to feel. I have a significant number of followers and I cannot think of a single one that would be a “hate follow”. Perhaps I should worry over my relevance

I have some people following me that I got into Tumblr fights with and they never interact with me. I figure, since they’re not people I convinced (or they never admitted that I did), they’re probably hate follows. And Analytics shows me traffic from the Tumblr pages of some people I argued with. Also, I’ve had a couple of anonymous hate messages that show very clearly that the person who wrote them at least somewhat kept up with my Tumblr. I don’t think it’s a relevance thing as much as a sometimes I’m a loud, obnoxious bitch thing.

I share those qualities, so I understand. I have also gotten into arguments with some people around these parts so maybe I do have some hate follows.

Incidentally, and totally unrelated to this, you will be happy to know that I got a professional translator to correct the article about Nidera. He contacted me last night (saw the mail this morning) and sent me, in a way that touched me and reconciled me with humanity, a totally corrected and improved article (from my original, non professional translation). I am now waiting for his feedback on how he wants to be credited so that I update the original and write up a follow up post with some additional information I got this morning.

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