Meet Ironlisa, the woman who rediscovered life

Her nickname, Ironlisa, a play of words between her name Dr. Felisa Wolfe-Simon, PhD, and the chemical symbol for Iron (Fe) is an astrobiologist who led the NASA team that discovered the arsenic related bacteria. From her website, she defines her work:

I apply a background in molecular biology, biochemistry, and phytoplankton physiology to uncover the sequence of events that shaped the evolution of the modern oceans phytoplankton and life itself. Essentially, I seek to unravel details regarding the co-evolution of life and Earth.

She created the adorable video above, a claymation animation depicting the origins and diversification of oxygenic photosynthesis as part of her PhD dissertation. Who thought photosynthesis could be so much fun?!

In a scientific world where women tend to be placed in the back seat (if they have a place at all), Ironlisa is an inspiration to young women worldwide.

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