Meet Nick Pedersen

Nick has been published by the Chicago Tribune this week. He has important stuff to share. He writes about matters that are relevant to our interests. Namely, he writes  About that French girl in the coffee shop who is not really interested in him. And he hates her for that.

Also, Nick is a 2010 Yale Law School graduate and, if Google is an indicator of anything in the history of personal histories, he also has some dealings with NYU (he published a paper or something).

And the important stuff he shares with us at the Chicago Tribune (which coincidentally, has been picked by Feministe on Tuesday) is eerily similar to other important stuff we have seen this week:

Don’t you guys hate it when … you actually, for once, muster up the nerve to talk to the pretty French girl sitting next you in a hipster coffee shop, who has that delicate French beauty, the Audrey Tautou kind, but not in such overwhelming quantities that she is clearly off-limits for the likes of you, and you two are talking, and she seems remarkably at ease with you despite the fact you’ve met only moments before, and she is giggling, always aligning your irises with her own, and she’s saying how she noticed you laughing earlier, which strikes you as good sign, and then you share what you were laughing about earlier, and she laughs at it, too, and you ask where she’s from and she says her family’s from […snipped for another 500 or so words of hyperbolic nonsense] and then she awkwardly, pre-emptively says that it was nice meeting you, and you smile and agree, but before you’re even done agreeing, she is turning away and walking out of the coffee shop on her own?

Yeah, Nick, dude, we hate it too.

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