More about North African migrants in Europe

Following up on my previous posts about the plight of asylum seekers and refugees in Europe (see here, here, here and from today, here for more context and background information), Al Jazeera reports on Tunisian migrants stuck in limbo

From the piece:

The three of them [Tunisian men] are now part of a group of 30 migrants living in the Buttes-Chaumont Park in northeast Paris, after having been evicted from an abandoned building nearby belonging to the former regime. As many as 20,000 migrants are reported to have landed at Lampedusa, many of them homeless in Marseilles, Lyon and the French capital.[…]

Dozens of young Tunisian men spend their days and nights in another park in northeastern Paris, Belleville Park. Some pass their time in groups, while others, like Kamel, are alone.[…]

The migrants say they want housing, work and residency permits. The Islamic month of Ramadan began on August 1, which means that members of the group are fasting during daylight hours. Life on the streets will be particularly tough for many Tunisian migrants during this period.

Click on the link for the photographic essay that illustrates the post. The homelessness and living conditions in which these migrants are left to survive should shame all of Europe.

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