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Why I continuously insist that nothing happens in a vacuum, Dominique Strauss-Kahn edition (admit you saw that one coming!).

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[In France] There is so much confusion about feminism that in June, Elle magazine described — in an article designed to be humorous — a dozen different feminist types. Among them: “La Féminerd” (“She signs all the petitions on the Internet”); “La Fémigraine” (“As soon as the misogynist man opens his mouth, she warns, ‘Stop, you bore me.”’); and “La Féminute” (“She fights for the cause, but only for a minute”).

Elle’s cover for that issue shows the actress Monica Bellucci, nude. The headline on the story itself (with more nude photos) is “A Real Woman".[…]

In France, some who don’t get it are men like Patrick Allemand, the Socialist Party’s federal secretary in the Alpes-Maritime region. He said recently that the scourge of AIDS hadn’t disappeared from his region because of “tourism, the climate and women who are too beautiful.”

Others who don’t get it are women like Catherine Millet, the French author best known for her 2001 best-selling memoir of loveless sexual encounters in parking lots and swingers’ clubs. She wrote that yes, rape is traumatic when it involves violence. But if there is no weapon or beating, she said, it is a “traumatism that one can overcome, like any other everyday violence.”

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