More on the “moral majority”

I’ve already written about what I like to call the “moral majority” on Gawker sites (in the past it was about the judgment of sex workers and assumptions on lifestyles). Today, the “moral majority” has opinions about homeless people! More importantly, how homeless people use technology and how their access to it should be dissected, judged and criticized.

Nevermind that the homeless in question is a social outlier and absolutely not representative of homelessness (not even by a long shot). Nevermind that the homeless is a hipster who sold all his possessions and now lives in Paris as a vagabond, ocassionally working as a DJ at parties. None of that will be taken into consideration and Gizmodo commenters will use this homeless as proof of how easy it is to be homeless. I always expect that people commenting on Gawker sites would have better developed critical thinking abilities. Time and time again, I am proved wrong.

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