The Headquarters had previously been called, “Dapper Gentlemen in Tophats Wishing to Never Again ‘Get Laid’”. But this was catchier.

The irony is that this ‘Association’ still technically exists.

I know when people think of The Netherlands they immediately think of this land of freedom and progressive thinking (you know, legal prostitution, coffeeshops, lax marijuana attitudes, etc.). However, we also have our local institutional loons with parliamentary representation, no less: the SGP. They have a couple of seats in the House of Representatives, a couple in the Senate, one in the EU Parliament and quite a strong presence in city councils across the Dutch Bible Belt. These people base their platform on a couple of principles that might not be out of place in 19th century politics, namely, the elimination of female suffrage and banning women from the workforce. Up until recently (as in, a year or two ago), they didn’t allow female members in their party. They had to change that because they were challenged in court but to this day, they allow females to join the party nominally, but in reality, none do.

Every election I go and check how many votes they got in each municipality and every election I am left shaking my head that so many people feel these loons represent them.

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