My birthday gifts to myself

It’s my birthday in three weeks (November 6th, if you must know, however, please no advance birthday wishes as they are considered bad luck, etc; I might be the most rational person in every regard, but no way I am contradicting my abuelita in this stuff; in the rare event that a wealthy benefactor wants to fulfill my age old birthday wish, this is what I want but what I will keep on wishing for, at least for the time being). So, in anticipation, I’ve been giving myself presents this morning. I set myself a budget of no more than a hundred bucks because, really, I can go berserk shopping for vintage shit which is not really good for my bill paying capabilities.

So, a few days ago I saw that my absolutely favorite vintage shop in Amsterdam had listed this Goldpfeil bag and while the price tag made me gasp, I coveted. In fairness, I’ve coveted Goldpfeil ever since I saw one of their shops in Germany (when they still had stores, before they went bankrupt) but their wares have always been way out of my league. Patience seems to have paid off because today I nailed this 70s purse for 60 bucks from a German vintage seller:

And then, because I still had left from my budget, I got this 50s Balmain silk scarf for 20 Euros.

Not bad considering an item (in slightly more mint condition, though), from the same period is selling for U$D 165 at Rubylane. When possible, I always check our “Dutch ebay”, called Marktplaats as it tends to be cheaper, if less varied, than ebay itself.

So now, I am happy. The nice thing of giving myself these gifts is that now I can wait for not one but two parcels that I get to open. As much as I truly hate my birthdays (long story, let’s not go there), I do love giving myself some small luxuries.

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