My Christmas present

Yeah, I can be such a cliche sometimes. But I really love cooking (although I mentioned before how lacking I am in the food presentation department and how the stuff I make never, ever resembles the photos of cooking blogs or cooking books). And I do not own a pressure cooker because I am sort of thrifty (one of the reasons I can afford to pick what I work on is that I have made compromises in the amount of money I make and how I spend it) but now my local Moroccan store (it’s a sort of big bazaar shop that sells all kinds of food and houseware items in a deliciously chaotic environment) has a special Christmas sale (they are Muslim but they cater to the entire neighborhood and they do not miss on seasonal opportunities to make money) and a model similar to the one in the photograph (although not exactly the same) is going for a very low price.

Except. I was doing some research and the number one resource on all things pressure cooker has one main piece of advice: never buy cheap pressure cookers! So now, I am debating with myself, wondering if my thriftiness will result in me blowing up the kitchen (and potentially half my home). Also, when I googled the Dutch term “snelkookpan” (pressure cooker), the first Google suggestion was “snelkookpan moord” (death by pressure cooker). So now I am kinda worried.

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