My husband has expressedly forbidden me from going to that area at all times… that should tell you something. – Police, locals deny claim part of The Hague is a ‘Sharia triangle’

This made me laugh out loud, cackling like a hyena. The quote is taken from a story about “the Muslim SCARE!” and how their “backwards” ways are “taking over good neighborhoods”, etc. You know, the usual racist, anti Muslim cries of Eurobigots. What makes the comment hilarious is that the woman in question is participating in a thread where they discuss (I use the word loosely, considering these are the grunts of racists) how “unenlightened” Islam is and how Muslim women are “oppressed”, yadda yadda… the commenter, of course, is NOT oppressed. Her husband just “forbids” her from doing stuff for her own good.

I wonder how these people live with the cognitive dissonance created by their bigotry.

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