My new enterprise: Sweatshop writers!

I just came across this ad at the website from an agency that sometimes sends work my way:

I am looking for someone who fits the following criteria to write 500+ word articles and online content on an ongoing basis. The article topics could cover a wide range of IT, web design and seo areas and possibly many other niches also.

You must be:

1 – An English native speaker /OR/ it must be impossible for me to discern you are not an English native speaker.
2 – A versatile writer.
3 – Able to deliver 5 articles within 48 hours.
4 – Experienced – no new writers, thank you.
5 – Able to provide content which you have checked through Copyscape.
6 – Able to provide grammatically accurate content with no spelling or punctuation errors.
7 – Accept payment via Paypal.

Content will be paid for at the rate of $1.50 per article of 500 words. $1.75 for articles of 750 words.

(Emphasis mine)

Really? 1 buck 75 cents for 750 words? I guess the person taking this assignment would be better off manufacturing clothes in China for H&M.

For the past decade and a half I have been making all my content available for free (and never behind a paywall) as an ongoing practice of ephemeral publishing. This site is no exception. If you wish to help offset my labor costs, you can donate on Paypal or you can subscribe to Patreon where I will not be putting my posts behind a lock but you'd be helping me continue making this work available for everyone. Thank you.  Follow me on Twitter for new post updates.

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