nerdling replied to your post: Good Men follow AP’s stylebook

That’s fucked up. if you want something in a particular style on a submission-based project, edit it your damn self. Hell, I have two BAs and didn’t know the one space rule until I read tumblr. God help you figuring out comma rules!

To me, more so than the styling rules (it’s their damn site, they can ask for whatever they want; although I reserve the right to mock them for the implied classism), it is about the violent imagery evoked for those who do not comply.

Also, I’ve been published in the most mainstream of mainstream media and my editor(s) have made it clear that they didn’t even care about an occasional typo (although they’d prefer they were avoided, they were not a deal breaker, you know) so, to see a site like The Good Men Project, which is supposed to be inclusive and representative of different kinds of masculinities enforce these rules in a way that implies that certain people just “do not belong” is sort of hypocritical.

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