New Mexican – US Migration Patterns

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The Immigration Policy Center on Monday released a summary of recent data on Mexican migration to and from the United States. The data reveals an emerging new reality: fewer immigrants are coming, fewer are leaving, and a majority of the unauthorized population has been here for a decade or longer.

I think the above is an interesting context to this:

CENTRAL AMERICA-MEXICO: Following the Trail of Missing Migrants – IPS

According to the National Human Rights Commission, 20,000 migrants were kidnapped in 2010.

The most recent kidnapping of a group of migrants took place in June in Veracruz, when at least 80 people, mainly Central Americans, went missing. Nothing has been heard from them since.

and this:

MEXICO: Tens of Thousands of Missing Central American Migrants – IPS

But perhaps the most horrifying face of the phenomenon is the disappearance of migrants. A recent report by the Mexican legislature’s committee on population, borders and migration affairs states that more than 60,000 Central and South Americans went missing between 1998 and 2008 in Mexico on their journey to the U.S.

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