Obsession with Anders Breivik led two UK youth to racist campaign

via This is South Devon:

Two friends obsessed with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik branded themselves with hot irons while embarking on a far-right hate campaign in Torbay, a court was told.[…]

Roddy’s laptop was found to contain an al-Qaeda training manual and Breivik’s ‘2083 A European Declaration of Independence’. This was the Norweigian’s manifesto which he released before killing 77 people in 2011 and which incited a war against Muslims.

Jeremy Atkinson, prosecuting, said: “Both developed an obsession with the personality and ideology of Anders Breivik.

"The defendants had attempted to act out to some extent their own form of activity under the banner of Knights Templar, an organisation discussed at some length by Anders Breivik and aspired to be part of that organisation or their own version of it.”

According to the report, Breivik’s “inspiration” resulted in graffiti and public disturbances against Islamic Centers and other buildings these criminals considered to have “Muslim affinities”. They also sent letters to Islamic centers in Brighton and Plymouth telling worshippers to leave the UK. One of the offenders, Tobias Ruth has been sentenced to 33 months in jail. The other, John Roddy, was given 23 months in a young offenders’ institution, suspended for two years and 18 months of supervision.

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