Old Spice is old and oh so tiring

I am done with the Old Spice meme. I cannot believe how many self identified feminist women go around posting those videos and contributing to this corporate marketing ploy. Each time one of these videos pops up, I want to scream: IT’S PROCTER & GAMBLE, FOR CHRIST SAKE! Sure, the guy is good looking and the videos are funny, but why do people check their critical thinking abilities out? This is a multi billion dollar corporation that holds a pretty high responsibility in the “state of the world”, especially in the “state of the world” as it concerns women. Here’s a list of Procter & Gamble owned brands. See how many of those are actually part of the advertising industry we regularly mock and criticize for their blatant use of stereotypes and related practices. Also, a very brief (and lazy because I do not feel like researching more right now) list of corporate practices: Procter & Gamble employs animal testing in their cosmetic products; their tampons were involved in a huge controversy in the ‘80’s related to toxic shock syndrome; their Metamucil ad campaign was based on promoting the laxative as an aid in eating disorders (The slogan? Drop Dead Gorgeous Guts). I could go on, but like I said, I won’t go into extensive research.

Now, I am tired of buying into a “meme” born out of a boardroom. I wish our collective brains didn’t shut down at the sight of a guy on a horse.

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