On the subject of “Allies and friends”

This post by clownyprincess where she articulately disarms the arguments of supposed allies regarding sex work (and the original post she wrote as well), pretty much illustrates why I am not so fond of the concept of “allies” in social issues. More often than not the ally (well intentioned but an outsider to the subject at hand) feels that they are better suited to speak up about a cause than the people involved in the cause themselves. Some allies tend to use their status to actually silence the voices of the people who should be the center of attention in the first place, filling the discourse with their own ideas, preconceptions and moral views.

I wish we would all understand that our privilege(s) do not need to extend to every realm of the known (and unknown) universe. There are spaces that do not belong to us and if we are invited in, we should be gracious guests and not turn the party into an extension of our narcissism or our need for attention. Some things are just not about us.

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